In this line of business we organize complete conventions, from both scientific and business perspectives with the help of the latest technology and with an expert coordination and logistics team for this type of event.

Technical Secretariat.
  • Study of applications.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Work schedule and planning.
  • Planning protocols.
  • Global budget control - risk management.
  • Design:
    • Website building and management.
    • Convention image.
    • Convention programmes.
    • Graphical material and signposting.
  • Coordination of publicity campaigns:
    • Social networks.
    • Press offices.
    • Brochures for attendees.
    • Brochures for committees etc..
    • Press conferences.
  • Management of media sponsors.
  • Management of financial sponsors.
  • Management of attendance and inscriptions.
  • Management of vendor expositions and logistics.
  • Study and evaluation of suppliers.
  • Accommodation management.
  • Management of transport for attendees.
  • Design and management of the Social Program.
  • Advice to Organizing Committee.
  • Scheduling of Board-Committee meetings.
  • Management of floorspace; main area, areas for inaugurations and/or closing events.
  • Management of revenue and payments to suppliers.
Permanent Registry/Secretariat.
  • Management of incoming and outgoing Company personnel.
  • Communication plan with members of the Company.
  • Database coordination.
  • Website maintenance.
  • Scheduling of board meetings.
  • Management of minutes.
  • Publicity - magazines, media etc.
Scientific Secretariat.
  • Consultancy for Scientific conventions.
  • Management of speakers.
  • Communication with speakers.
  • Management of online/offline abstracts.
  • Logistics and coordination of floorspace.
  • Assistance for organization of Symposiums.

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